The story of a 4th generation farmer and seed cleaner who went toe to toe with Monsanto.

Neil Young took on the corporation Monsanto, which manufactures genetically engineered seeds for agriculture, on his recent record The Monsanto Years.

Now he has released a 10-minute short, Seeding Fear, which tells the story of a farmer named Michael White, who with his father Wayne, took on the corporation in court. The film was released by Shakey Pictures and co-executive-produced by “Bernard Shakey,” Young’s pseudonym.

A Kings Point Production
Presented by Shakey Pictures
Directed/Produced by : Craig Jackson
Edited by : Justin Weinstein and Craig Jackson

See Neil Young’s Monsanto-Themed Mini-Documentary ‘Seeding Fear’

By Kori Grow – Rolling Stone, 23 July 2015


Ten-minute clip examines fight between farmer Michael White and GMO corporation

Neil Young releases documentary attacking Monsanto

The Guardian, 24 July 2015


Singer puts out Seeding Fear on the same day as the House of Representatives passes bill to block compulsory labelling of GM foods.