open house, 21 February 2015

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On the 14th of February open house and the urban gardening group “Stadtgarten” from Nurenberg invited to take part in the seed festival in Nurnberg. The fair Biofach supports every year a conference track, of which this year the seed festival was a part.

In this way it changed from a festival in the countryside to an event in the city. Right in the center of Nurnberg in the Künstlerhaus it took place. Besides the seed market also community activities like urban gardening, seed exchange groups and gardening with seniors and children introduced themselves. The potato- and tomato exhibition drew diversity in the right light; left alone, the smell greeting the visitors at the apple exhibition was outstanding.

The great number of visitors and the enormous interest delighted us. Everywhere people where swapping seeds and exchanging ideas.
Our Guests from Greece made the festival an international one and “Namaste” the band they brought with them enriched the festival with its music – not only from Greece.

This day showed that the seed savers from Greece and Germany not only stand close together, but also support each other. We follow the common aim: Freedom for diversity!

The lectures of Ulla Bertram and Gebhard Rossmanith, head of Bingenheimer Saatgut, emphasized the importance of agro biodiversity and how difficult it is to maintain it nowadays. How it developed and what is needed for its future Ulla Bertram was focusing on.
Gebhard Rossmanith clarified that there are enormous obstacles for his varieties due to the seed laws in Europe. The seed laws of Europe are at the moment in process and it is not clear in which direction they will go: in favor of diversity or in favor of industry.

We hope that the responsible people heard the signal from the seed festival:
We want Agrobiodiversity, free heirloom varieties and above all, heirloom seeds for the future!

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