We have reverence for seeds we have received from nature and centuries of farmers’ breeding.

We do not recognise seed to be a corporate invention, therefore, we do not recognise patents on seed and life.

We will support our local seed libraries as sources of fertile and open source seed.

We do not recognise any laws, created by corporate interests, that interfere in our duty to save and share good seed so that the generations to come are as fortunate as we have been in receiving these gifts of diversity and nourishment.

We will not obey, or recognise any law that criminalises our time-tested seeds.

This is our Seed Satyagraha

From good seed comes good food.

We do not recognise tasteless, nutritionally-empty, toxic commodities as food.

For us food is, as it has always been, natural, organic, nourishing, healthy and safe,

We refuse to accept an agriculture system based on poisons as safe.

We refuse to let another bee die.

We do not recognise the unscientific fallacy of “Substantial Equivalence” of Genetically Modified food with non GMO food.

We refuse to accept Industrial Agriculture as a solution to the climate crisis because we know it is one of the causes. We also know that Organic Farming and living soils hold the key to solving the Climate Crisis.

We will grow organic food everywhere-on our farms, our gardens, our balconies, our terraces.

We will eat organic, in our kitchens, our cafeterias, our schools and offices.

Our Gardens will be sites of Satyagraha.

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