The Monsanto Tribunal and The People’ s Assembly will begin tomorrow on 14th of October and will go on until the 16th of October.

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The program for each event can be found here:

People’s Assembly

Dates: 14th-16th of October, 2016
Location: Bazaar of ideas (next to the Student Hotel)
Hoefkade 9, 2526 BN The Hague


Monsanto Tribunal

Dates: 15th-16th of October, 2016
Location: Institute of Social Studies, Kortenaerkade 12,
2518 AX The Hague



Navdanya – along with multiple civil society organizations – is co-organizing the Monsanto Tribunal and the People’s Assembly for the Future of our Food, the Future of our Planet.

The Monsanto Tribunal will be an important step to give a voice to the victims of industrial agriculture. Moreover, it will provide an impressive precedent that aims to support to sue chemical companies all over the world whenever faced with damage to health or environment. It will also be an important step in the process of including ecocide in international law. Finally, it will be a big step towards creating a different system of agriculture and food production, one that respects health and environment – working in harmony with nature instead of against it.

At the Tribunal powerful testimonies from witnesses and experts will be heard, as well as findings of the internationally renowned Judges:

The People’s Assembly will be a gathering of movements, seed savers, seed defenders, farmers and growers and civilians to address the crimes against nature and against humanity perpetrated by chemical and biotechnology corporations.

Through the experience of ecocide and genocide of the last century, we will also chart the road to our  future based on Seed Freedom and Food Freedom, agroecology and farmers rights, our commons and economies of sharing, rights of nature and earth democracy.

The speakers of the People’s Assembly:

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