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The hidden agenda in the attacks against Vandana Shiva

The campaign for conquest at Milan’s Expo 2015 is launched
from the US.
Biodiversity or GMOs?

A few days ago the “Foglio” wrote a commentary on an article by Michael Specter which appeared in the international publication The New Yorker,  an article which reaches limits of defamation regarding the image and work of Vandana Shiva, particularly with respect to her battle against GMOs and defense of biodiversity,  a battle which, with her scientific credentials, she chose as her life’s mission, putting her academic life in service of the Earth, its ecosystems and communities.

We do not wish to dwell on the particulars of both articles – our President Vandana Shiva has already dealt with them in her detailed rebuttal sent to the New Yorker and posted on Navdanya’s website  We feel it important however to point out that the various comments in Italy, such as those of the “Foglio”,  have the aim of not only attacking Navdanya’s President but also serve to launch a political campaign with the upcoming Milan Expo 2015 in mind.  It is clear that Italy will be at the centre of the world’s attention at that time and the issues chosen for the Expo will be fundamental and strategic.  A political and cultural battle is taking place between those who wish to put at the centre of attention the respect of Nature, of biodiversity, and of organic production, as a means of confronting the challenges of  “feeding the world”, and on the other hand those who wish to introduce also in Italy , through genetically modified organisms, monopolistic practices on the part of multinationals which have already been shown to be clearly limited scientifically,  but  above all which promote an industrial agricultural model which has completely failed from the economic and environmental stand point.

This is the point of contention.  Vandana Shiva, with more than thirty years of experience on the ground, her international recognition, her generous commitment and the battles she has spearheaded, has already fearlessly demonstrated she is one of the leading proponents of a strong front promoting sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, healthy food systems and food sovereignty, along with the defense of small farmers rights around the world.

These are the issues which Navdanya International, the organization in Italy headed by Vandana Shiva, would like to see promoted at the Milan Expo 2015.  Evidently, with  the approaching deadline, this has raised the interest of those who have different cultural aims or who have particular interests to defend.

Navdanya International is the organization in Italy and Europe presided by Vandana Shiva and has its headquarters in Florence –

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