Who is Vandana Shiva?

How did she become Monsanto’s worst nightmare?

What does a film about her life have to do with YOU?

THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA tells the remarkable story of agro-ecologist Dr. Vandana Shiva, how she stood up to the corporate Goliaths of chemical agribusiness, rose to prominence in the environmental movement, and inspired an international movement for change.

But THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA is more than a film; it’s also a strategy to support movement building! And you can help!

Big Ag and Big Food are spending tens of millions to convince you that GMOs and chemically dependent food systems are the only means for feeding the world. Not True! Through the lens of Vandana’s inspiring activist life, THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA will show you how locally managed, organic food systems are far superior to the industrial model taking control of our seed, killing our soil, destroying biodiversity, and impacting our health.

We’re committed to sharing Vandana’s inspiring life story with organizations around the world–both big and small–to support their outreach and advocacy efforts. We need to collectively address agro-industry’s dishonest narrative with an alternative that offers solutions and hope.

Thanks to a generous financial grant we’re editing a first cut this summer, so we’re on our way to completion and distribution! Maybe to you!

Will you help spread the word about THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA? We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to help us finish the film.

Please support our one-click Thunderclap campaign to help THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA grow international demand for just, ecological and sustainable food systems!

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*This is a promotional video for our upcoming film about the inspiring life story of Dr. Vandana Shiva. You can see more about The Seeds of Vandana Shiva project at We are in process of editing the film now and fundraising for a final filming trip to India to accompany Dr. Shiva on her Touch the Earth Soil Pilgrimage and to pay for animation and archival footage. Click on the donate button at to support the next phase of this important film!