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The excluded, men and women, reunited in this third World Meeting of Popular Movements affirm that the common source of the social-environment is the tyranny of money, the current capitalism and ideology that doesn’t care about human dignity.

We are creditors of an historical, social, economic, politic and ambient debt that must be paid off. Therefore, we formulated thousands of proposals in consequence of the ten commitments we assumed in the meeting of Santa Cruz de la Sierra on 2015. All of them are vital, but this time we want to share:

1. We want to remember Berta Cáceres, leader voice on our first Meeting, murdered for her activism to promote change. We demand to put an end to the persecution of popular referents. We all defend the right to peace, based on social justice.

2. Looking forward to a participating and full democracy, we propose to promote institutional mechanisms that guaranteed Popular Movements the access to political and economic decisions.

3. Looking for universal destiny of goods of nature, we reject the water privatization and demand water to be considered as a public resource according the United Nations Statement, so nobody could be excluded of his elemental human right.

4. Looking for a popular land law we propose the prohibition of genetic manipulation or patenting, especially on seeds. Again we defend food sovereignty and the human right to a healthy diet, without agro toxics, to put an end to several nutritional problems of millions of people.

5. Looking for a labour reform that guaranteed the access to a dignifying work, we propose to implement a universal social salary for every worker (private, public or popular)

6. Looking for an urban reform that guaranteed the access to a dignifying home and housing. We propose declaring the inviolability of the family home to eradicate evictions that left families without housing.

7. With the objective to build a bridge between populations, we propose to create a universal citizenship that eliminates differences for native identities, down walls of exclusion and xenophobia, helping those who were forced to leave their homes.

We want to work together with Pope Francis so these ideas can turn into real and effective rights locally, nationally and internationally. We encourage local churches to accept the messages of Pope Francis and make them true.

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