Jinha, 16 January 2016

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ISTANBUL – Vandana Shiva has visited the threatened gardens of Yedikule in Istanbul to show support for the resistance there. “This place is our future,” said Vandana.

The historical market gardens of Yedikule in Istanbul are under threat, as Istanbul security attempts to raze the area. Support for the gardens and the barricades protecting them has come from eco-feminist writer Vandana Shiva, who visited the gardens with a group of environmental activists today.

“You’re standing up for your future here,” said Vandana. She addressed the women of Bostancı: “Mothers, found a university and teach your grandchildren the way you plant these seeds. This is our future.”

Vandana joined the women of the Yedikule gardens in planting arugula seeds in the gardens.

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Municipality begins demolition at Istanbul’s historic Yedikule Gardens

By İdris Emen – Hurriyet Daily News, 14 January 2016

[…] “We have been working here, in this 4,000 square meters of land, since 1992. I do not have any debts; I have paid my rent regularly. This morning the demolition teams started to destroy our gardens without showing any official documents to us. Our hoeing machines, which cost thousands of [Turkish] Liras, were left outside after the demolition. We have also been living here and now our home is destroyed and we were left out in the cold” […]

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