We are at a critical juncture in the choices we make for the future of our Planet. Patents on seeds and seed monopolies have created an ecological crisis of biodiversity erosion, erosion of farmers’ rights and erosion of our right to healthy and poison-free food.

Navdanya has been working for over 30 years for the rejuvenation, conservation and promotion of biodiversity by resisting the Industrial model of agriculture, the biggest contributor to biodiversity erosion and one of the biggest contributors to climate change, and fighting against corporate monopolies which threaten our seed and food freedom.

Biodiversity is the answer to the two most critical issues we face today: the kind of food we produce and climate change reduction. Through biodiversity we can produce vibrant, healthy and poison-free food, reduce emissions and increase carbon sequestration, and at the same time create more resilience to climate change.

Since the holding of the People’s Assembly and the Monsanto Tribunal in the Hague last October, movements across the world have continued to join the “Call to Action against the Corporate Takeover of our Food and Health” with a series of actions against the Poison Cartel.

Please join us in celebrating World Biodiversity Day and add strength to the movement against the take-over of our seeds and food by singing the Diversity Pact (see text here below) and with a new series of actions from 22 May, World Biodiversity Day to 5 June, World Environment Day, to celebrate Earth’s biodiversity and add strength to the movement against the Poison Cartel by organizing a People’s Assembly wherever you are to shape a better future of our food and our planet.

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Pact for Diversity

World Biodiversity Day, 22 May 2017

Ending a century of ecocide and genocide
Sowing the seeds of Peace and Freedom

1. We are Biodiversity. We are members of the earth family of multiple species and members of the human family of diverse faiths, colours, genders, ages, languages, cultures, and imaginations;

2. Diversity in nature and society is the source of beauty and creativity, strength and resilience, abundance and wellbeing;

3. Diversity is health and real wealth. Diversity enables us to produce more food and better food that can twice nourish the world population, double rural incomes, and create meaningful work in conserving and rejuvenating the soil, water, and biodiversity. Through biodiversity we can cool the planet and grow climate resilience.

4. Biodiverse intensive agroecology is the future of food and farming, not chemical intensive monocultures which are desertifying our soils, polluting our water, driving small farmers off the land and driving species to extinction, and at the same time destabilising the climate and spreading disease.

5. The poison Cartel led by Monsanto/Bayer is killing our bees and butterflies, our earthworms and mychorizzal fungi, our gut bacteria and compromising our health. The same poison Cartel rakes in profits from the high-cost medicine it produces to treat the disease and cancer their poisons are spreading around the world.

6. Just as the Earth has rights, so does Biodiversity have rights . We as humans have rights to safe and affordable seed, food and medicine. We will continue to resist patents on seeds and medicine. We will defend India’s patent laws (articles 3d and 3j) and Argentina’s patent laws (article 6 ) which do not allow patents on seeds, plants and animals, and which Monsanto is attacking in the courts of both countries.

7. We will not cooperate with the Poison Cartel which has as its objective the monopoly of our food and medicine; we will stop the Poison Cartel ’s war against biodiversity, against the earth and against us, through the use of GMOS , glyphosate and glufosinate, pesticides and herbicides, the only purpose of which is to kill.

8. We love life and nature and we will preserve and nourish Earth’s biodiversity, and save our poison-free seeds and grow our poison-free food on our farms and in our gardens.

9. We will keep sowIng the seeds of peace and freedom to transform our beautiful earth which is being poisoned and desertified, into a vibrant garden of diversity and abundance.

Key Dates

22 May 2017, India: World Biodiversity Day – : Navdanya Book Launch: Annam Food as Health

23 May 2017, India: GMO Mustard press conference, India

24 May 2017, Italy: Presentation of the Report “Poison in our Plate – Glyphosate and other Poisons from Field to Table“, by Navdanya International, ASud and CDCA

28 May 2017: World Hunger Day

5 June 2017: World Environment Day

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