To celebrate a triumphant International Year of Soils, Formidable Vegetable Sound System bring you their latest single, You Are What You Eat – recorded in Rotorua, NZ at Michael Barker’s Twisty Pole Studios and produced in Melbourne by award-winning electronic producer, Spoonbill.

Featuring Barker (John Butler Trio/Black Sorrows) on drums, Mal Webb on horns, Kylie Morrigan on strings and Charlie Mgee on ukulele & vocals, You Are What You Eat is an infectiously bouncy electroswing track all about… Dirt!

That’s right, a supremely funky song celebrating that which sustains us launched as part of the UN International Year of Soils event in Rome is something that could only be pulled off by this award-winning West Australian oddity of a band, notorious across the globe for their dynamic live performances at some of the world’s biggest festivals including Glastonbury (UK), BOOM (Portugal) and Symbiosis (USA).

With growing recognition at home and overseas, Formidable Vegetable Sound System have become known and loved on every continent for their brass-soaked ukulele electroswing songs about peak-oil, plants and permaculture.


Single release January 22, 2016


Song written by Charlie Mgee, Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan
Charlie Mgee: Ukulele, Vocals, Beets
Mal Webb: Bass, Trombone, Slide Trumpet
Kylie Morrigan: Violin
Spoonbill: Wonky Electro Fun
Michael Barker: Drums

Recorded by Michael Barker at Twisty Pole Studios – Rotorua, NZ.
Produced, mixed & mastered by Spoonbill in King Lake, Melbourne.
Copyright © 2016 ORiGiN Music Publishing.

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By Derek Markham – Treehugger, 14 January 2016