The Global Movement for Seed Freedom is a network of individuals and organisations committed to align our thoughts and actions with the laws of Gaia, Pachamama, Vasundhara, Mother Earth… We protect the biodiversity of the planet by defending of the freedom of the seed to evolve in integrity, self-organisation, and diversity.

seedposter-380x514We are seed savers and seed defenders, farmers and gardeners, practitioners of ecological agriculture and participants in fair trade.

Our right to save and exchange our open pollinated, non GMO, non patented seed is non alienable.

Farmers rights are non negotiable.

We will resist every law and technology that attempts to undermine our freedoms, and the freedom of the seed, which is intimately linked to the freedom of Mother Earth.

We are committed to preventing Monsanto and other chemical corporations which are seeking to control our Seed Supply through GMOs, patents, and Intellectual Property Rights.

We will not allow the imposition of Seed Laws based on Uniformity, that criminalise our diversity and seed freedom. We breed for diversity, quality, resilience-not for chemical monocultures.

Across Diverse Ecosystems and cultures we are united in defending Seed freedom/Seed sovereignty as the foundation of Food Freedom/Food Sovereignty, based on ecological production and fair and just distribution, beginning with protecting and promoting local food systems.

Our diverse seeds, used in agroecological systems produce more food and nutrition per acre and are the real solution to hunger and malnutrition, not GMOs.

Our evolutionary seeds, continuously adapting to climate change, are the real answer for climate adaptation and resilience, not GMOS now packaged as “Climate Smart Agriculture”

With all our love we will protect our seeds.

With centuries of knowledge of our ancestors reinforced by the new sciences of agroecology and epigenetics we will resist the imposition of obsolete and flawed reductionist, mechanistic science, and failed GMO and toxic chemical technologies on our food and agriculture systems.

With our intense commitment , and deep solidarity, we will collectively defend our Seed Freedom, Food Freedom, and Democratic Rights to shape a future of food that protects life on Earth and the well being of all.

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