Living Seed and Living Soil are the foundation for living lasting society.

A message from Dr Vandana Shiva for International Biodiversity Day (May 22) and the March Against Monsanto (May 23).

Dr Shiva reminds us of the importance of our biodiversity and introduces us to 2 films from the 5 part series called Living Farms –

Part 1: The Living Seed:

Part 2: The Living Soil:

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“The Living Seed” and “The Living Soil” – New Navdanya Films


“We are made of biodiversity, we celebrate biodiversity and this particular year I am so happy to introduce two special films produced by Navdanya and made by the Tadpole Artists Collective on the biodiversity of our Living Soil and the biodiversity of our Living Seeds. t’s the biodiversity of seeds that has brought source of nutrition as well as the source of sustainability.
Without that biodiversity we produce nutritionally empty commodities with very high costs of toxic inputs whether the toxics come from outside or are put into the plants. Living Soil has more diversity that the plants we see above, the insects we see above, even the forest.”



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