By Eliana Gilet, 16 June 2016


Photo courtesy of Desinforménos


Campeche Mayan communities are on alert. They are not alone and are joined by beekeepers and social organizations who together carry forward the legal battle to keep genetically modified soybeans out of the land of the peninsular state.

“The Maya are totally against genetically modified soybeans, and we do not see any benefit. It is killing our bees, is deforesting our forest, which we have cared for over centuries with affection and love. So we are in the fight to not sow. In communities there is a greater openness and awareness of what this danger is. They have also understood what the consultation of the people involves and are willing to respond, by refusing consultation and saying, no.” Don Gustavo, a member of the community of Bolonchén Rejon, which is part of the municipality of Hopelchen in Campeche, made this statement yesterday to journalists covering the story.

“In some parts of the state there was confusion about whether it transgenic soybeans could be planted, but the resolution of the Supreme Court is very clear and establishes a ban in the 8 municipalities for which companies had applied for permits planting. For the rest of the municipalities, they did not ask permission, so they cannot. Then, in 8 municipalities affected by the judgment of the Supreme Court, and the others where no permits for planting have been granted,” says attorney Jorge Fernández, a member of the “Indignation Team” and one of the legal consultants leading the case against the multinational contaminated seeds.

Earlier this month, Indignation Team and Greenpeace Mexico, which is also involved in the legal defense of the Mayan communities, presented popular complaints with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) against Monsanto and against the person responsible for planting soybeans GM in the state of Campeche, with particular attention to the homonymous municipality.

“We articulated this complaint against the statements by the legal director of Monsanto for the region, Rodrigo Ojeda de Koning, who expressed the willingness of the company to market its genetically modified soya in municipalities where no public consultation will be held with affected communities” said María Colín, a member of Greenpeace Mexico.