From 2nd – 8th October a series of Biodiversity celebrations and events have taken place at Navdanya with the participation of women and small farmers of Navdanya networks from all over India, along with representatives of national and international institutions and Civil Society Organisations: the Women’s Biodiversity Festival, Navadanya’s gathering of farmers, Vasundhara, the International Biodiversity Congress and a Regenerative Agriculture gathering.

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Dr Vandana Shiva describes and takes stock of one week of Biodiversity celebrations at Navdanya and Doon Valley. Celebrating Biodiversity is celebrating life, its abundance, its resilience. It is celebrating our membership in the Earth Community. Biodiversity weaves the web of life: from the forests to the oceans, from our farms to our plates, and our gut. It provides alternatives to fossil carbon and the climate havoc it is causing. Through Biodiversity we can build an ecological civilization.

At Navdanya, women from diverse regions of India and other parts of the globe cooked the diversity of breads and traditional dishes from around the world , to launch “Our Bread, Our Freedom” campaign.

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Navdanya has set up 124 community seed banks in 22 states across India. Seedsavers of Navdanya seed network gathered at the farm during the days of biodiversity celebration to display and exchange their seeds.

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Diverse Women from accross India and the world planted Seeds of Freedom, Gardens of Hope and commemorative trees at Navdanya.

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