We are in Florence, in Piazza Santissima Annunziata for the Festival for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy, where associations, citizens, farmers and different realities, from different countries, have come together openly and creatively to strengthen the Global Alliance and share future actions so that from our seeds and food may begin a new economy based on the commons.

In this timeless city, we are meeting at a time of crisis, of huge social, economic, and ecological collapse all around us.
Imagining and building alternatives to the current economic and agricultural models has become an imperative. The International Solidarity Caravan for Seeds and the Florence Seed, Food and Earth Democracy Festival are taking place to build these alternatives.

We are here to sow the seeds of the future and sow the seeds of another vision for the planet and its inhabitants.
The Caravan and the Seed Festival are reclaiming the commons of the seed, the land and our cultural heritage.
The industrial agricultural model has brought us to a severe crisis where land is degraded, biodiversity is destroyed and farmers are being uprooted from their livelihoods and culture and where seed is being privatized, destroyed, patented and enclosed.
The old economy, based on privatizing the commons of the seed and our knowledge, has resulted in an ecological crisis on one hand and a deep economic crisis on the other.

An economic system dominated by speculative finance has created a crisis for our societies and future generations. This imbalanced economic model has created huge unemployment and the young have no jobs.
This model allows the appropriation of public goods and public assets and is destroying not just the land, but family farming and opportunities for the youth.

To the greed of financial institutions, the appropriation of our lands and of the commons should not be allowed. These must be beyond the reach of the banks and financial institutions.

We commit ourselves to defending the biodiversity and freedom of the seed to be shared and considered as a commons.

In the spirit of Gandhi we declare Satyagraha for Seed – the non cooperation with unjust laws – to defend the commons of the seed.

In Florence, we are sowing the seeds of earth democracy where we protect the planet, rebuild community and create hope for the future generations.

We commit ourselves to an agricultural Rennaissance and to creating a new economy built on the commons, on co-operation and on our creative and collective intelligence.

Florence, 29 April 2014

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