Prensa Latina, 7 June 2016



Mexico, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) Indian activist and scientist Vandana Shiva denounced here the “new colonialism” staged by biological piracy of companies producing genetically modified food, said sources today.

Winner of the Right Livelihood Award, an alternative Nobel prize, in 1993, Shivas said that these kind of transnational companies sustain the food monopoly and produce pesticides that cause diseases and the medicine to cure them.

She said that companies that produce genetically modified food introduced the BT toxin into corn, soy, cotton and canola growing and developed also the herbicide round up.

“That product, developed by Monsanto, is carcinogenic, France and Sri Lanka have proved that it causes kidney tumors. Our food has been broken, contaminated and stolen”, she said.

She said that the Microsoft company supports the production of genetically modified food tracking territories and seeking genetic information of more than 7 million wildlife species.

“The company created by Bill Gates has been joined also by other companies like Bayer, which works with Monsanto, Dow with Dupont, and Syngenta. Each of them uses different methods as the free trade agreements and the control of seeds in the market”, she said.

“Given this situation, humankind must unite and protect biodiversity in the planet”, said Shiva.

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