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Press Conference

What the International Monsanto Tribunal wants to achieve
and why the Bayer-Monsanto merger must be blocked

Berlin, June 22th, 2016 – An alliance between NABU, Navdanya International, IFOAM (International Foundation for Organic Agriculture), Organics International and the Coordination against BAYER risks, invites you to a press conference that will take place on Monday, June 27th, 2016, from 12pm to 1pm at NABU Bundesgeschäftsstelle, Charitéstraße 3, Berlin-Mitte.

The speakers are:
– Dr. Vandana Shiva, globally known activist, eco-feminist, and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award, 1993)
– Antonius Michelmann renowned chemist and new director of the Coordination against BAYER risks
-Sarah Wiener, acclaimed cook and activist on food and agricultural issues
Presentation: Bernward Geier

The press-conference will discuss the present merge agreement between Bayer and Monsanto. Antonius Michelmann will examine reasons and possible consequences of this merger, while Vandana Shiva will focus on the harmful side-effects of the new processes of gene-technologies, as well as providing information on the International Monsanto Tribunal, that will take place from the 13th to 15th of October in Amsterdam. Finally, Sarah Wiener will provide new perspectives on how to achieve a GMO-free agriculture in the future. After the three brief presentations of the keynote speakers, guests will have the chance to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Following the conference we invite everyone to join a buffet to meet the speakers personally. If interested in interviewing one the speakers directly please contact us by the 24th of June at the following email address Registrations at

We look forward to your attendance.

For the organization
Leif Miller Bernward Geier
(NABU-Director) (COLABORA & IFOAM Ambassador)

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BERLIN, GERMANY – 27 June 2016

This post is also available in: German