By Dr Vandana Shiva – The Indian Express, 4 June 2016


Rogue corporations responsible for eco-cide and genocide are now trying to take over India. And even as their technologies fail and their chemicals poison the Earth, they grow bigger.

On 7th of June, the Indian Prime Minister will meet the US President in the White House.

One of the steps taken to prepare for the PM’s trip to the US is the announcement of a new National IPR Policy. Quite clearly the IPR policy is guided less by the national imperative and more by US corporate pressure.

“India has cleared its stance on the intellectual property rights policy framework well in time for the upcoming US visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman said.

Corporations which made chemicals for war cooked up the distorted and unscientific idea of life and seeds as an “invention” and introduced patents on life through Article 27.5 3(b) in WTO TRIPS Agreement. IPRs expanded to cover living systems and organisms in a distortion of “innovation” and “invention”.


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