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On the afternoon of World Soil Day – December 5, 2015 – on the occasion of COP21, leaders in defense of life and of our Planet, representatives of Seed Savers – Community Supported Agriculture Networks, spiritual leaders, artists and concerned citizens gathered at La Villette in Paris and planted a ‘Garden of Hope’ as a reminder that our seeds, our soils and our biodiversity, kept in the hands of local farmers and caring citizens, are solutions to climate change, to which Industrial globalised agriculture makes a significant contribution.

Our Seed Freedom and Food Freedom are the keystones to a prosperous and secure future for our Earth and for humanity.

As Earth citizens, we launched a Pact with the Earth and with each other to defend our commons – our seeds, soil, water, biodiversity, air and climate systems – essential to building climatic resilience, and to affirm that in ecological organic agriculture and local food systems lie the answers to the food, nutrition and health crisis, water and climate crisis, and the creation of millions of climate refugees.

Read and Sign the Pact for the Earth

The Pact is also available in: French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Indonesian

With: Vandana Shiva, Navdanya; Clotilde Bato, Solidaritè; Olivier Lavielle, MIRAMAP , who launched the Citizens’ pact,

Philippe Desbrosses, farmer, Intelligence Verte (We have planted his seeds from Sainte Marthe); Florent Sebban, farmer, Réseau AMAP Ile de France; Andre Leu, President of IFOAM Organics International; José Bové, farmer, Co-Leader of the European Greens; Will Allen, farmer, Cedar Circle Farms USA, author of ‘The War on Bugs’; Françoise Nyssen, President of Actes Sud: Lionel Astruc, journalist and writter; William Vidal, President of Ecocert ; Rob Hopkins, co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, UK and of the Transition Network ; Ronnie Cummins, co-founder and International Director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) USA; Julie Pretre, Alternatiba, Dena Merriam, Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) network; Nicolas Boehm, person in charge of the Garden ‘Jardins Passageres’; Vasso Kanellopoulou and Iro Benessaiah, Peliti – Greece; Hayu Dyah Patria, Mantasa – Indonesia, Marilyn McHugh and Christopher Michael Kennedy, The Hummingbird Project & Cleveland Seed Bank – USA; Camilla and Jim Becket, ‘The Seeds of Vandana Shiva‘ film; Caroline Lockhart, Navdanya International; Ruchi Shroff, Seed Freedom, Tina Atel (SHE)benik – Croatia; Corinne Lepage, CRIIGEN; Cyril Dion (co-founder of  Colibris), Laurent Pinatel, Confédération Paysanne; capitain Paul Watson of Sea Sheperd; and many others….

This event is featured in Transition Network new film: ‘8 Days @ COP21

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(Photo courtesy: Becket Films)

Navdanya at COP21 in Paris


Pacte pour la Terre dans un jardin

Camille Labro – Le Monde, Le ventre libre, 14 decembre 2015

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