Seed Freedom in Other Languages 2017

Please contact us if you wish to volunteer for translations of texts and videos for Seed Freedom into your own language.

Email to global.movement [at] seedfreedom [dot] info for all details.

If you do not hear from us within 24-48 hours please check your email spam/junk folder.

Seed Freedom Call to Action 2016

This post is also available in: Spanish, Italian, Greek, German



Seed Freedom in Other Languages 2015

“The Living Seed” and “The Living Soil” – New Navdanya Films

Now available in: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Croatian, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese

Call To Action for Living Seed and Living Soil

Now available in: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Portuguese

Seed Satyagraha (Civil Disobedience to End Seed Slavery) Pledge

Now available in: Italian, Greek, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Croatian, German

Seed Freedom in Other Languages 2014



Call to Action for Seed, Food & Earth Democracy 2014:

Yield | Testimonies on the suicides of Indian farmers from Vidarbha:

Florence Declaration on Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Democracy:

 Vandana Shiva’s Message for the March against Monsanto:

Seed Freedom in Other Languages 2013Click Here


Video message from Vandana Shiva:
Fortnight of Action – How to Participate
Real Food Heroes
Letter from Vandana Shiva

Seed Freedom in Other Languages 2012: Click here


  • Act for Seed Freedom 2012 – video message from Vandana Shiva
  • Information about the Seed Freedom Fortnight 2012
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